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Package Burners for Large Waste to Energy Plant

Published Friday, September 27, 2013 8:00 am
by Jim Feese, P.E. Co-Author: Matthew Pollzzie, CSWA

A large Waste to Energy Plant located in the Mid-Eastern U.S. has ordered six Detroit® dual fuel natural gas / no. 2 oil fired burner systems.  The Detroit® Burner Systems feature a unique burner throat shut-off gate system designed to protect the burners when out of service.  Detroit Stoker Company’s proprietary burner throat shut-off gate system is an industry proven design with many years of operational reliability in similar applications.  The gate system features extremely low levels of cooling air and a high degree of reliability expected by today’s boiler operators.  The six Detroit® Burner Systems will be utilized for Start-up, Shut-down and Malfunction (SSM) operating conditions.  The burners will  also ensure on-going boiler MACT compliance and minimize Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions.

The Detroit® Burner Systems are packaged as complete units including:

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